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Grupo Balança

We are a capoeira group at the non-profit, Global Education Center, in Nashville. We have classes for all ages. We also perform and host events. We practice the traditional and contemporary capoeira styles, as taught by Mestre Gildo Valú.


What to Expect

Capoeira combines dance, acrobatics, music, and martial arts. Classes cover movement, music, history, and culture of capoeira. This is an intense workout! Hydrate beforehand. Wear clothes you can comfortably stretch and move in. You can also wear tennis shoes (ideally light and flexible), but capoeira is typically done barefoot, and on wooden dance floors.


1x per Week
$100Monthly Unlimited
$50Private Lesson

Global Education Center West

4822 Charlotte Ave Nashville TN 37209

Adults and Teens, All Levels. 1.5hr class

Thursdays @ 7:15 PM & Saturdays @ 2:30 PM

Global Education Center South

2195 Nolensville Rd Nashville TN 37211

Adults and Teens, All Levels. 1.5hr class

Tuesdays @ 7:15 PM

Kid's Class w/ Global Education Center Summer Camp.
Age 6-12, All Levels.

Begins June 11th. (Details coming soon.)


We are available for performances, demonstrations and seminars. Our high-energy and informative events are part of the outreach programing offered by Global Education Center. Email us to book and event, here.

We host capoeira training events, workshops, open rodas and batizados with our affiliate capoeira groups in Lexington KY and Fort Leonard Wood MO.


Mestre Gildo Valu

Mestre Valu (capoeira master) learned capoeira in Salvador Brazil; the birth place of capoeira. His style draws from the contemporary and traditional capoeira practiced in the street rodas of Pelourinho and Mercado Modelo, where he did the bulk of his training. He is a student of Mestre Boca Rica and has trained with several other schools. He began teaching in the early 1980s, and has since grown his school to include students in Brazil, Holland, Gambia, and the US.

Professor Eme Eme

Professor Eme Eme was introduced to capoeira in 1999. He has trained with different capoeira groups in the US and Brazil. The vast majority of his training has been with Mestre Valu. His style is very similar to that of his teacher, Mestre Valu. He has taught in Nashville since 2012.

Instructor Cabeça no Ceu

Instructor Cabeça no Ceu started learning capoeira in 2000. He has trained with several groups and has a strong foundation in the traditional capoeira style (Capoeira de Angola) and experience in the contemporary capoeira style. He has taught in Nashville since 2015.

Instructor Paciencia

Instructor Paciencia was introduced to capoeira via its influence on break dancing, which he also does. He has trained with Grupo Balança Capoeira since 2012. His dance background influences his highly acrobatic and expressive style.